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  1. The trade-off economy — a new cheerful side to the dismal science. Maria Elena Santa Coloma, right, of UniVista Insurance, helps Shessy Gonzalez sign .
  2. Dogma of the Deceased by Carnosus, released 13 March 1. Envenomation of the Population 2. Chamber of Emancipation 3. Lost to Funereal Desires 4. Subjected to Cadaverous Defilement 5. An Illicit Practice 6. Insidious Saviour 7. Deceptive Authority 8. Totalityranny 9. Enthroned Empire of Gloom Continuum of Misery The first full-length album by .
  3. The Dismal State of Strength Carries AGI carries always had the benefit of multiplicative damage scaling (increasing attack damage and speed simultaneously from one stat). Now they scale even harder into late game due to the armor changes benefiting higher total armor heroes.
  4. The Dispossessed were active in the Hartford area music scene from the summer of though The band's lone release during their lifetime, a twisted, gothic re-working of the Beatles' "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite," was released in .
  5. The Dismal Swamp Canal first connected the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia with the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina in , but it was not fully useful until By , a second major canal - the Albemarle & Chesapeake Canal - was completed to connect Virginia and North Carolina more effectively, almost putting the Dismal Canal out of business.
  6. Setting a year aside for himself, the plan was simple openly embark his New persona selfishly, hoping that one day the grass does end up greener on the other side. Dive into Allister’s collection of witty essays, confessions, & diaries in his journey to .
  7. Zero Records was a Spanish label created in that worked with numerous groups. Among them, stands out Barón Rojo or Sôber. After being adquired by Tiendas Tipo, the label was drawn more by the rap was being done in Spain in The seal is no longer active.
  8. A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a type of fixed-income investment product that is offered in banks and credit unions. It is a short to medium-term investment that is .

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